Mike Gannon is the owner of Full Service Aquatics based in Summit, New Jersey. Mike has been a lifelong pond enthusiast and fishkeeper. Mike began Full Service Aquatics after working as a fish dealer and a stint at the New York Aquarium. FSA has been specializing in pond and water feature design and services since 1995. Mike is host of The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast found on iTunes. His Pond Hunter videos can be found on youtube.com/thepondhunter, and he is the author of the Love Your Pond blog found on fullserviceaquatics.com.

Pond Construction – Carol G. Simon Cancer Center Project

By Mike Gannon / July 1, 2012 / 0 Comments

Carol G. Simon Cancer Center’s small atrium area created some unique challenges for this experienced pond builder. There was no outside access to the atrium so everything had to be carefully wheeled in. Placement of the new waterfalls and lighting was critical as it is only viewed from inside the hospital. See how this beautiful project turned out.

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