Ellen and her husband, Myron, began their aquaculture business in 1981, and their farm consists of 80-acres of mud-ponds. Together with their son, Nick, they raise and supply healthy & hardy koi to wholesale customers throughout the USA and Canada. Ellen loves all things koi. She enjoys Koi Shows & Watergarden Tradeshows where she has built lasting friendships. Many hobbyists and celebrities have relied on Ellen when looking for the perfect koi. Ellen hand-selected the Kloubec breeder fish while in Japan. The koi spawning season is her favorite time of year when the breeders are indoors in the hatchery. "Experimenting with different pairings is a passion. It's so rewarding to harvest beautiful little koi and see your vision come to life." Additionally, Ellen enjoys being with her family and their dogs, you'll even find pictures of them on the Kloubec website!

The Top Six, Kohaku Head Patterns

By Ellen Kloubec / April 28, 2017 / 0 Comments

>> Feature Article | Language of Koi: Understanding Kohaku Patterns (1) The Tancho pattern refers to a single hi spot that is exclusive to the head. No other hi plates are present on these koi. The lone hi patch should be circular and symmetrical and sit on the center of the koi’s head. Ideally, it […]

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Koi Differences | Understanding Hikari Utsuri & Hikari Moyo Koi

By Ellen Kloubec / October 27, 2016 / 0 Comments

In the previous installment of Language of Koi, we learned how to distinguish between metallic and non-metallic skin on koi, as well as how to identify the characteristic known as luster. We also explored the single-colored, metallic-skinned koi in the Hikari Muji class. Now we will study the other two Hikari classes of koi, Hikari […]

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Language of Koi: 
The Shiny, Hikari Muji Varieties

By Ellen Kloubec / September 1, 2016 / 0 Comments

I’ve heard from some koi retailers that the shiny koi, or Hikari varieties, are usually the first to sell from their fish retail tanks. The shimmering beauty of all Hikari koi, whether single or multicolored, is eye-catching and very much admired by their customers. It’s the shiny metallic skin and flashy pectoral fins that make […]

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Five Easy Ways to Identify Your Koi

By Ellen Kloubec / April 30, 2015 / 1 Comment

So, you have a black and white koi and you’re not sure if it is a Shiro Bekko or Shiro Utsuri. There are many similarities between the two varieties…as well as distinct differences. Some characteristics are easy to recognize. The subtle differences will become familiar with practice. Both varieties have only two colors: black and […]

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Ponds: Miracle Water is Possible!

By Ellen Kloubec / December 28, 2014 / 1 Comment

Water quality and clarity are extremely important in any fish retail setting. Live koi and goldfish are very appealing when happily swimming in crystal clear water. An aesthetically pleasing display pond draws the customer in with the soothing sounds from a babbling brook and the brilliant colors of koi and goldfish. But, if the water […]

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Koi Skin Scrapes: A How-To Guide

By Ellen Kloubec / May 1, 2014 / 0 Comments

If your koi are losing their color, swimming sluggishly or “circling the bowl,” don’t call the coroner just yet. Examining your fish for harmful microscopic parasites is easier than you think. Follow Ellen Kloubec’s detailed instructions to perform skin scrapes and find out what’s ailing your precious pets. It might just save their lives!

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Not Just Fish in a Barrel: Safely transporting koi to a koi show

By Ellen Kloubec / July 1, 2013 / 0 Comments

Deciding to become a “wet vendor” at a koi show is easy. Getting the fish there is anything but. Follow Ellen Kloubec’s advice to safely transport your most precious commodities to the show and keep them healthy once you arrive. Your fish — and your customers — will thank you.

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All That Glitters – Understanding Kin-Gin-Rin in Koi

By Ellen Kloubec / January 1, 2012 / 1 Comment

What is gin rin? What should you look for in a gin rin koi? Is gin rin the same as a metallic in koi? There are four basic types of gin rin – learn how to identify each, so you can best promote the koi in your inventory. By introducing your customers to the magic of gin rin, you can stimulate many new sales, as virtually all koi varieties come in beautiful gin rin versions.

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Language of Koi – Tancho

By Ellen Kloubec / May 1, 2011 / 0 Comments

Tancho is a particular pattern on a koi that is striking and unique enough to have a special class. When someone says it is a tancho, the koi will have a red round(ish) spot on its head and no other red anywhere on its body. A tancho version can be found of many different varieties. See several variations of Tancho, and learn how it is distinguished from other koi.

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