Daniel Upsher has always had a keen fascination for wildlife, ponds and wetland areas. With a bachelor’s degree in aquatic zoology and a master’s degree in aquatic habitat management and restoration, he is well equipped to create and maintain safe havens for both aquatic and terrestrial species. His company, DU Waterscapes, is based in England and integrates innovative and unique designs and technologies in its ponds and water features for clients who relish the opportunity to have a piece of nature in their own gardens.
Ecosystem Pond with natural filtration

Pond Construction | Ecosystem Pond Blends Formal with Natural

By Daniel Upsher / June 28, 2022 / 0 Comments

Helen and Derek inherited a beautiful 150-foot-long, formal-style rill and pool complex with their home in Somerset, England, which overlooks their formal terraced garden and out to the rolling hills beyond. With a belvedere to the side of this lower terrace overlooking the rill and view, they wanted to bring this water feature back to […]

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