Christopher McGowan has always had an affinity for nature. He grew up along the banks of the Musconetcong River where he would build dams and search for the local wildlife. Chris' previous experience maintaining fish tanks and running a pond construction crew allowed him to combine his technical experience with his love of nature and he has never looked back. Chris has a Bachelors of Science in Marine Biology from Dalhousie University and has had a comprehensive employment history in the scientific/natural field.

Pond Construction | Pebble Mosaic Skeleton Feature

By Christopher McGowan / April 26, 2019 / 0 Comments

The Death Pond. Skull Mountain Fountain. Call it what you will — I just call it an interesting project. My partner Mike Hall and I met Felix Sockwell, the owner of this modern-day marvel, when our previous employer was contracted to do a rebuild on his DIY pond. A few months after its completion, he […]

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