Take a Cue from Mother Nature

Iris laevigata 'June Lake'
Winner: Best Large Scale
A potted water lily is ready for division.
Turtle munching on strawberries.
The spirit of cooperation reigned as dozens of pondbuilders from all over the country worked together on the waterfall area.
Aquatica and Dean Pipito's team won the best overall design with this pond waterfall at the Merrill Hills Golf Club.
Tremendous components made this the winner of the best overall design.
Overflowing vase water features look amazing when they start to form ice sculptures. (Photos by Aquatic Edge)
The concrete support slab is seen under the liner before and after the installation of the rebar.
Tony Sargent and his foreman even attracted Roy Dahle to learn new skills at Pondemonium.
A beautiful widow skimmer dragonfly perches on a small branch.
This 40-foot water feature and stream led right up to the edge of an outdoor living space that included a paver patio, covered structure and outdoor kitchen.
A broken piece of old log will soften the look of rocks in a stream.
Workers installed a triple basalt feature at the first house.
A 10-foot-tall, sheer commercial waterfall under construction. The three largest pieces have been set in place dry to confirm alignment.
Oryza sativa, Black Madras Rice.
This is the pre-construction scene, which is unfortunately representative of what is all too common for pond contractors: a poorly-built, unattractive feature that is not functioning.
Testing the water flow is crucial before adding the finishing touches.
Adding plants to shelves helps soften the rocks and provides visual focal points in the water garden.
Complementary-colored lily groups are spectacular in or out of the pond. Color harmonies are universal, like this stunning display from Bangkok’s plant market.
The conditions of the site — including what kinds of equipment will access the area, high winds and dust, existing drainage and other factors — can dictate the type of liner best suited to the project.
An NSP in Ojai, California with traditional pool optics, featured on Animal Planet’s The Pool Master (Photo courtesy of California BioNova and Animal Planet).
The Beauty of Balancing Stones by Tim Anderson at Keystone Balance.
A formal koi pond can provide nutrients for the garden.
With the liner in place and the fiber-reinforced concrete installed on top of the liner, the rock formations can be assembled without concern for liner damage.
A waterfall building contest brought together foremen and rookie pond builders.
Attendees enjoyed a panel discussion on
Masato of Koda Koi Farm is about to measure his Kujaku oya goi (female breeder) after pulling her from the mud pond.
Zephyranthes candida, or Rain Lily is a delightful little plant that looks like a clump of chives until late summer, when crisp white flowers emerge. They add a happy splash of color just as everything else in the garden pond is beginning to look tired.
Froggy come a calling for insects!
Beautiful, weathered limestone was used for this pond-free feature. Only six large stones make up the fall and stream.
This massive wetland filter is ready for the varying grades of gravel and aquatic plantings.
Nymphaea Siam Pink #1: Hybridized by Mr. Pairat Songpanich, Thailand (Source: Pond Megastore)
This swimming pond is in upper New York. It is now two years old, and the shoreline plants are just emerging from an extreme winter. This pond has an architectural peninsula that can be seen extending out into the pond a considerable distance, with lawn to the edge and a small island. The pond is approximately 1.25 acres and 9 feet at the deepest point.
Layout of partition bog filter.
This shot was captured over the lower pond on this water feature. You can see the sheer face of the hillside along the left side of the photo. The drone was hovering six feet over the center of the pond.
Ken Rust from Kasco Marine offers advice in his presentation on  “Being Successful with Lake Management.
A 1,500-gallon rainwater capture system is used as the reservoir for a stacked slate urn fountain. The pumping system for the fountain doubles as the delivery system for the captured water, allowing it to be used for the surrounding gardens.
Use annual sun positions to determine fence placement and overhead shade design. (Photo courtesy Paula Biles)
These are the
Even really small containers work easily for aquatic plants. This frog container holds approximately 1.5 cups of water. Since it is so small, water needs to be added every day. Water Lettuce and Salvinia work well in this situation.
Leave plenty of room for aquatic plants which help naturalize the pond and make it look like it’s always been part of the landscaping.
The major construction is completed.
The Renaissance pond build at the 2015 Water Garden Expo.
Photos by Dan Lenner.
Mr. and Mrs. Slocum stand in front of the entrance sign that welcomes visitors.
Dr. Vivian Grant, D.V.M., did a sensitivity test on this 5-kilogram Showa (above, left). Results came back indicating that we needed both Baytril and Amikacin for this infection.
Growing houses like this one are perfect for winterizing bog plants.
Joseph Paxton got Victoria to bloom in 1849. Before calling in the press, he astutely put his daughter on a leaf. The resulting coverage went global and started a fad practiced today. Public domain photo credit: Unknown, in Illustrated London News.
Placing a large boulder in a way that’s both structurally sound and organic in appearance is a thoroughly satisfying art. This one, in a recreational pond in Southeast Queensland, was no exception.
A non-linear design with multiple waterfalls at varying elevations and cascade styles. Strategically placed boulders create both interest and reason for directional water flow changes.
A typical backyard in Florida sets the stage for the transformation that becomes the “sizzle reel” to pitch our show.
Tony Moore gets down and dirty in his explanation of lily hybridizing.
“We work hard, play hard and challenge our skill set at every opportunity,” Triplett said. Here, Eric and his team show a bond beam installation for a dedicated koi pond on the “set” for YouTube.
Language of Koi: A Beautiful Accident
Winter Care: You Can't Make Any Mistakes
Pondemonium 2014
A liner edges, trimmed and secured to a rebar ring inside the block edge.
As you can see in this early shot, the feature had no splash curtain and the base had not yet been wet tested.se
This nearly new pond needs to be totally rebuilt because it was put at the lowest spot in the yard. Tannin-filled water is sitting on a liner that is floating a foot off of the bottom of the pond.