September / October 2011

Establishing Contractual Guidelines

A contract can make or break your business, so be sure to have a good one. Rick Bartel shares some guidelines that he has gleaned during his 20 years of experience as a veteran water feature contractor. Since there are some things you just can’t control like the weather, learn how to address this kind of issue and others that can affect your ability to get the work done and fairly paid for.

What is “Aeromonas Alley”?

Anyone who has ever kept koi has heard of Aeromonas Alley, but what is it? Aeromonas Alley happens twice a year in the fall and spring. During the change of seasons, there can be rapid outbreaks of ulcers, fin rot and more. Be prepared for this critical period, so you can protect the koi in your care.

Aquaponics Explained, Part 1

If you have been paying attention this year, you will have heard a lot of buzz about Aquaponics. This article will cover in detail the ins and outs of this emerging market. What are media beds? What is the importance of fish in an Aquaponics system? What are the major formats being used now? A must read that may lead to new ventures for you and your customers.

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