November / December 2009

Build Your 2010 Roadmap for Success

Marketing expert Pam Greiner walks you through the steps to create a fresh new marketing plan for 2010 – NOW. Pam uses easy to follow analogies to guide you through each step of the process. Don’t miss this great opportunity to start strong in 2010. We all know the more prepared you are today, the more likely it is that your marketing plan will get you where you want to be in 2011.

Language of Koi – How to be Successful Selling Japanese Koi

There are three basic types of jobs in the koi business – buying/importing koi, selling koi and customer service. Learn from a well-known distributor the art of selling koi. What is the number one problem you want to avoid? Begin with step 1, buying koi/importing, in this first article by Mr. Mamoru Kodama. Included are tips on buying, quarantining and caring for your koi shipments.

Beat the Holiday or Financial Blues

Nine tips for making yourself happier in the next 30 minutes. Boost your feelings of self-efficacy and you can boost your happiness. Studies show that happier people are more sociable, likeable, healthy, and productive-and they’re more inclined to help other people. So in working to boost your own happiness, you’re benefiting others as well. So invest those 30 minutes and be happier now.

So how do you build a CrossOver Pond?

To improve conditions for koi and ease maintenance for pond owners, Russell Technologies developed the CrossOver Pond. This pond design is geared towards those who want to raise jumbo koi in a pond that retains a natural appearance. Learn how it is different from a water garden, hybrid pond, and a koi pond, and see exactly how it is put together.

Planning for Spring

It is important to take this time to prepare your pond department and customers for the spring. Follow these four steps this winter to ensure a successful spring. Remember you are the pond expert; read, learn and plan now for the spring. Tips and reasons why you should host in-store events throughout the winter.

The Best Plants to Use in a Veggie Filter

Get expert information about Aquatic plants used for filters and eight great reasons why to use them – Aquatic plants remove heavy metals and ammonia from the water. Have problems with Algae and pH? Then you will want to read this article. Learn about the four Aquatic plants that Dick likes to use the most and the added benefit of using plants.

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