September/October 2015

It's All About the Rock

By Lora Lee Gelles

Published on September 1, 2015

Yearn to Learn

What a week! Hold on just a second while I catch my breath. The staff here at POND Trade just attended PONDEMONIUM, Aquascape’s annual event aimed at educating, celebrating and improving the pond industry. It was great to spend time with so many of POND Trade’s contributing writers. Plus, some of our staff got their very first taste of PONDEMONIUM this year.

It seemed that everyone greatly enjoyed the experience. There are many benefits to checking out an event like PONDEMONIUM. First, it’s vitally important for any pro to stay up-todate on the latest information, using seminars and training sessions to improve his or her craft. But just as important is time spent with peers — fellow pond enthusiasts who are passionate about the industry and striving to make it better. What a perfect time to pick each other’s brains, compare notes and get inspired!

If you didn’t make it to PONDEMONIUM, don’t fret; there are still plenty of shows and expos on the horizon. There will be a strong pond presence at the Hardscapes/GIE+EXPO in October as well as the Irrigation Show in November. And koi lovers should consider attending the Central California Koi Society Koi Show in September.

Can’t wait that long for your pond fix? Look no further! You hold in your hands (or see on your screen) the freshest, richest and most informative pond content available! For starters, Craig McBride of All Aquatics has the tricks you need to attract beautiful and diverse wildlife to your pond. And, renowned watershaper Larry Carnes gives step-by-step instructions for selecting and placing impressive stones for a naturalistic feature.

Business-minded folks can improve their sales by reading John Olson’s article on how to eliminate customers’ lethal objections. If your business tends to freeze up in the winter, be sure to read Tom Koza’s solution and Kelly Billing’s tips on caring for water lilies and lotus in the offseason.

Finally, Cash French and Lorrie Nicoles’ enlightening report on conserving our planet’s most precious resource by trapping rainwater. Perhaps the best thing I brought home from PONDEMONIUM was a reminder of just how great our industry is. Whether in a seminar, on a pond tour or right here on my laptop, it’s a joy to work with and for people like you — people who care so much about those little slices of paradise in our backyards.

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