January/February 2021 Issue

Pond Prima Donnas

By Lora Lee Gelles

Published on December 30, 2020

As the old saying goes, “Don’t let the door hit your a** on the way out!” I think most of us feel this way about 2020. I must say I’m looking forward to 2021 (hopefully) being a much improved year all-around. Out with the old, and in with the new!

Larry Carnes and Hector Mardueño (bottom left) examine one of their boulder specimens and discuss the best spot for it in the pond.

It’s been quite the strange year, with everybody staying home and a lot of people out of work. Thankfully, the pond and water garden industry has been an exception. I know that many of you have been really, really busy this year! When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. More people staying at home means more people hanging out in their yards. One thing leads to another, and the next thing you know, the demand for ponds and water gardens goes through the roof!

I know those of you in areas with stricter shutdown orders have had to struggle to stay busy, and I’m continually impressed by the stories of your resiliency and perseverance. For example, Mike Garcia of Enviroscape L.A. was able to keep his crew hard at work earlier this year by taking on a pond rebuild and aquaponics system installation at a Los Angeles-area middle school—New Pond, Aquaponics Build for School During Pandemic. When it is safe enough for the students to return to the classroom, they’ll have a brand new ecosystem on campus to learn from. How cool is that?

Speaking of learning, this issue is packed with knowledge and exciting content that will hopefully keep you thinking through the beginning of the 2021 pond season. Demi Fortuna lends us his expertise on calculating the ideal size for plumbing and pump systems—Flow, Friction and Total Dynamic Head: A Pump and Plumbing Primer for Ponds, while Zac DeGarmeaux paints a profile of some gorgeous, lesser-known waterlilies, iris and lotus. Also, if you’ve ever considered offering sand-bottom ponds to your customers, you’ll want to read about Larry Carnes’ quest to build his very own tropical oasis.

As we say goodbye (and good riddance) to 2020, I would like to wish you, your business and your family a safe, happy, healthy new year from all of us here at POND Trade magazine.

Happy PONDering!

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