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Emotional Keepsake Ties this Pond Installation Together

When routine steps of pond construction need not apply.

Pond filtration

Special care being given while removing the memorial tubs to be used for the pond filtration.

“Did you say that pre-formed tubs must remain with your new pond?”

Now, it’s not every day that you hear such a request during a pond consultation. Our new potential client was already quite upset when she contacted Ponds Inc. of Illinois.

She wasn’t upset with us, of course — she had contacted a couple of other pond contractors, and they told her that her request was not acceptable if she had to have pre-formed tubs within the new installation.

Please hear me out: pre-formed tubs are not your enemy. Allow me to offer a different perspective on how and why one would even consider such an option with your new installation.

There is a very touching back story to these pre-formed tubs, and they seriously meant the world to her. Without getting into personal details of their family, I can say that these tubs were installed as memorials for people close to her who had died. It was extremely important to her and for their family to have them incorporated with the new pond.


Before and after. Our client was absolutely filled with joy over her new memorial creation! This is why we love what we do!

Personally, I think that is absolutely something we can do, and without question!

She started crying with joy when I told her we would make her pond beautiful with these tubs as the heart of her pond’s ecosystem filtration. When there is a will, there is a way.
Some people in the pond world love to use a different familiar saying. “Not all ponds are created equal.” I tend to disagree, slightly, since almost all ponds are created with plastic. Yes, indeed, they all mostly contain differing variations of plastic. (The debate of whose plastic is better than whose is tiresome and boring — and a different article entirely.)

Back to my point: biofilters are primarily plastic boxes that are really not much different from these tubs. With bulkhead fittings and slight modifications, we could easily make these tubs into efficient biofilters disguised within the installation. And by the way, they work extremely well, I might add!

The pond construction went together normally for us. We used an Aquascape pond kit, which adapted quite easily with the pre-formed tubs. They would have also worked with any manufacturer’s products or plastic, quite frankly.

pond installation

The completed installation with the pre-formed tubs. Can you see them?

Wrapping up this emotional installation is something that we all will remember always. Her overwhelming joy and emotional response was heartfelt by us all, with a tear or two. Sometimes it’s important to think outside the box for things that really make a difference.

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