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How an old hot tub and some extra stone transformed a client’s backyard

hot tub stone hardscape

Transformed from an everyday mundane hot tub into a unique hot tubbing experience!

At one time or another, most pond contractors encounter projects that fall outside the realm of pond building. Other times, pond contractors find themselves suggesting projects to clients that fall outside the type of construction that our clients know us for. And sometimes, pond contractors just need to think “outside the pond.”

One of these “outside-the-pond” projects presented itself to us at Full Service Aquatics following a pond-construction and backyard-renovation project for a client. While we were showing the client around their new pond and waterfall installation and cleaning up the work site, the client asked us what we planned to do with some of the unused stone that did not make it into the final construction. This question immediately opened the door to lots of possibilities for additional work with this client.


stone steps hot tub

Easy access into and out of the hot tub invites people to use this feature more than ever.

We made some suggestions about how the stone could be incorporated into the landscape, including a quick, offhand comment that we could rock-in their hot tub. It was somewhat of a throwaway idea; we didn’t really think the client would go for it. However, this “outside-the-pond” concept was surprisingly appealing to the client. We then discussed some design concepts, and a few minutes later, we had a new project on our calendar.

While the client was ecstatic with their new backyard aesthetics, the old hot tub became a bit of a standout — an isolated, disconnected element of the backyard, not quite fitting in with the new look. With some strategically and artistically placed rock work and some softening of the landscape with new plantings, the hot tub quickly became an integrated element of the new backyard. Even better, the new hot tub not only looked amazing but had become revitalized as a popular destination within the backyard, perfect for enjoying the new pond and waterfall while bubbling away the stresses of life in the nice, hot water.

hot tub hardscape

Hop in, enjoy, and start “thinking outside of the pond.”

Integrating a pond into a landscape not only improves the quality of life and enjoyment of the home for most pond customers, but it also enhances the aesthetics and value of the real estate. It also allows pond contractors to think “outside the pond” and create some truly unique features for their clients. Best of all, it can bring about opportunities for new projects that fill our calendars and keep our employees busy.

So, think outside the pond!

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