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Contractor’s Corner | Light up the Night

Illuminating a palm paradise in southwest Florida


lush pond design

During the day, this lush oasis beams with beauty.

We found ourselves nestled inside 100 acres of palm fields as we pulled into a client’s property for the first time. Driving through the fields, we saw every type of palm tree you could imagine. The sights were astonishing, but they were minuscule compared to what we were about to see.

When we initially reached the home, we could hardly see anything at all. Lush pathways with very impressive statues led us into a hidden oasis. Even the most tenured landscaper would experience a childlike excitement as they walked through this path. As we continued, we were delighted to find a grand opening to a breathtaking setting — a large, tropical, tranquil environment surrounded by luscious palms and greenery. This very private area was cut straight out of nature and served as the perfect setting for a relaxing home and habitat.

night pond design

When the sun goes down, the property illuminates.

When we began work on this pond, we were amazed by the beauty of this property. Our client’s love of statues, big boulders and fountains fit right in our wheelhouse, and we were happy to indulge these passions. As far as nighttime lighting was concerned, we knew this project would need to have an eclectic edge — something grand and colorful with real wow factors.

We knew using Atlantic Water Gardens’ color-changing lights would be a good fit for his underwater lighting. It gave him a plethora of options, with 48 color choices equipping him with the flexibility to achieve the different and unique look that he was looking for. We also focused on the vertical lighting, with garden LED lighting accentuating the palms and the other impressive structures around the property. With such a grand piece of property, the lighting was a paramount component of this job.

We wanted to make sure the lighting could be celebrated equally during the day and at night. The trails that led through the landscaping exuded a sense of calm and peace during the day. The nighttime lighting seamlessly transitions the mood of the environment, creating a sense of excitement and adventure to illuminate this very impressive property.

Here we light up the trees, which light up the night.


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