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Water Gardening: 30 Years and Still Growing

When we started Sunland Water Gardens in 1980, water gardening was not something anyone in mainstream landscaping looked at seriously. Ponds, waterfalls, fountains and water gardens were something only the rich and eccentric seemed to want—or at least that is what the landscapers and landscape architects thought. So if I wanted to turn this hobby …

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A Hobby, Not a Chore: Four critical steps for headache-free water gardening

Water features can bring their owners endless pleasure and relaxation. Of course, they can also become disgusting, stinky cesspools that require hours of labor to maintain. Thankfully, attention to a few key requirements will keep the workload down and the beauty and enjoyment up. Drawing from his many years of experience, Jamie Beyer outlines the key steps that will keep your pond clean, clear and easy to maintain.

10 Techniques in Low Voltage Lighting

Pond builders (and your customers) prefer low voltage lights for most landscape applications due to the ease of installation and for the cost savings due to lower electric usage. Award winning lighting expert gives you a quick overview of outdoor lighting. Do you know when to use “moonlighting” versus “spread lighting”? The ten most popular garden lighting techniques are explained.

Sound – Adding Audible Dimensions

When designing a waterfall be sure to take advantage of the knowledge shared here from an excerpt of the book “The R.I.S.E. Method.” Learn the acoustic characteristics of the pond & waterfall and how it affects the audible dimensions of the falling water. Learn the importance of how the water moves, the distance the water falls, the depth of the pool the water falls into and many other critical factors. After all, the sound of falling water is a key motivating factor for pond buyers. Learn the language and techniques of waterfall acoustic design.

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