Taro Kodama is President of Kodama Koi Farm. They are the largest importer and distributor of quality Japanese Koi in the US. With locations in Japan, Hawaii and New Jersey, Kodama Koi Farm carries 35,000+ Japanese Koi from the top breeders in Japan. Taro Kodama, along with his father, Mamoru Kodama, provide not only winning show Koi, they also conduct many Koi seminars. Visit their koi pond stores in Florida, New York and New Jersey.

Taisho Sanshoku: Learning the art of Sanke appreciation

By Taro Kodama / May 1, 2013 / 0 Comments

Although they’re a challenging variety of koi to breed (and even harder to make money on), Sanke are definitely not difficult to appreciate. Koi expert Taro Kodama of Kodama Koi Farm shares some of the secrets that make this tri-colored breed so special.

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The Language of Koi

By Taro Kodama / March 1, 2013 / 0 Comments

One of the most popular and important varieties of koi, Kohauku are beloved by beginner hobbyists and experts alike. But do you know how to assess the fish’s *Kiwa* or *Hi*? Learn what makes these prize-winning koi so unique, and you’ll appreciate Kohaku in a whole new way.

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Language of Koi – Hikari Utsuri

By Taro Kodama / January 1, 2013 / 0 Comments

Hikari means metallic, thus Hikari Utsuri is an Utsuri with a metallic sheen to the scales and skin. It is often hard to find good examples of this variety, so when you see one be sure to buy it. The two qualities that you want to focus on is the koi’s sheen and pattern. Taro shares his knowledge of Hikari Utsuri, and provides helpful tips on how to make them fly out the door.

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Language of Koi – Ochibashigure, Friendly Koi Variety

By Taro Kodama / November 1, 2012 / 0 Comments

Want a friendly and fast growing koi for your customers’ ponds? Take a look at the Ochibashigure. Learn the qualities of this koi; including its coloration, fukurin/netting pattern and the importance of a Kohaku like pattern in its overall appeal and value. Beautiful photos illustrate the power and attraction of this less known variety of koi, that can be an interesting addition to your koi inventory and stimulate new sales.

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