Levi Crouse has a bachelor's degree in biology from Shippensburg University in south-central Pennsylvania. He is originally from Big Cove Tannery, Pennsylvania. He works at Mt. Parnell Fisheries in Mercersburg and enjoys his job raising and spawning different types of goldfish, koi and rosy-red minnows. He has attended various water quality workshops and has learned a wealth of information through his experiences at an aquaculture facility.

Language of Koi | Optimizing Water Quality for Your Koi

By Levi Crouse / June 28, 2017 / 0 Comments

One of the most important yet overlooked aspects to maintaining healthy koi is optimizing water quality. Although testing the water may be viewed as too expensive or time-consuming, it is still a necessary task to ensure healthy koi. Could you imagine living in a place where the air you breathe is so contaminated to the […]

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