Born with a fishnet in one hand and a fish bowl in the other, Leslie has been into aquatics for her entire life. At the age of 15, her very first job was cleaning aquariums at the local pet shop. She never left that wonderful little pet shop, and 15 years later, she was the proud owner of that very special place. Twenty years later, Leslie and Eric Triplett own and operate Exotic Waterscapes Pond Supplies, The Pond Digger Construction Company and Helix Life Support Manufacturing. It's a match made in heaven!

Contractor’s Corner | Rockin’ in Sin City

By Leslie Triplett / January 2, 2019 / 1 Comment

Not only were Triplett and his team of experts on-site the day of the event to help Hector with the DIY Clinic experience, but a few big names also showed up, including the amazingly…

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