Laddie Flock is the CEO of Floating Islands West and an avid fisherman. Flock works on design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of BioHaven technologies in collaboration with science and biology teams. He has contracted and consulted on hundreds of projects including those with the US Army and Navy, State and Federal Fish & Game, NOAA, USGS, Montana State University, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, Oregon State University, and individual pond care contractors on water stewardship and habitat enhancement projects.

Biomimetics and Pond Health: Enjoy fish, clear water in your pond

By Laddie Flock / May 28, 2020 / 4 Comments

During my boyhood years I was fortunate to spend summers on a farm that was located near the confluence of two rivers.  The water table was high and the soil was rich and fertile.  There were many ponds on the property, and they all held fish—very large fish that never seemed interested in the bait […]

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