Byline: Kevin Wintringer, KW Solutions Kevin Wintringer is the owner and president of KW Solutions Inc. The company manufactures pond products, including custom pond leaf nets. Kevin started his company in 1997 after having trouble finding a sturdy, quality leaf net for his own pond. Shortly after that, he launched his first website, offering about 10 different sizes of nets with standard sewn bindings and grommets. The business grew after that to include a full line of nets and accessories that help protect ponds from critters and debris. Their newest products like koi tunnels and fish cages have expanded the business to aquariums and zoos around the country. Kevin takes great pride in helping all his customers choose the best products for all their needs.

Maintaining Your Backyard Beauty, Pond Netting 101

By Kevin Wintringer / September 20, 2018 / 2 Comments

Maintaining your pond has never been easier given the variety and customization available for pond netting. All pond owners should use netting to protect the quality of their water, keeping the pond, filter and pump free from leaves and debris. As we approach fall, pond owners should be pulling out their leaf netting before the […]

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