Dave and Lisa Burns are co-owners of Backyard Getaway, a pond/water garden and outdoor living service business based in Myakka City, Florida. The Burnses are proud to be celebrating over 10 years in business. Their interest in water gardening started over 15 years ago as a hobby that grew into a passion when Dave brought home a "pond kit." In addition, Lisa is a freelance contributing writer for Sarasota Pet, Florida Creative Living and LiveLocal! Magazine. In his free time Dave enjoys creating decorative and useful garden art out of repurposed materials. You can find his latest how-to videos at www.youtube.com/backyardgetaway. To learn more about the services offered by Backyard Getaway, visit www.backyardgetaway.net.

Hawaii at Home

By Dave Burns / March 1, 2015 / 1 Comment

The tricky part was making sure that the pump intake would be deep enough and out far enough so that during the dry season, when the pond is low, the pump intake would still be underwater.

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