My first attempt at a pond was a blue kiddie pool buried in the ground for my pet ducks. I think I was about 7 years old. I had a brief radio career and 10 years experience building tenant improvements in malls across the western United States. Jump ahead 22 years, and my second pond was built. (I try not to rush into these things.) I then studied horticulture for a while, and in 1995, I started Avalon Nursery. Over the next few years, I converted the two acres into a pond and water garden store. The land owners sold the property, so I closed the store and focused on pond construction, becoming Avalon Ponds. In 2007, I started working for David Duensing and have since traveled the U.S. and Caribbean extensively working on amazing projects for him and Anthony Archer-Wills. (I know, I'm a horrible name dropper.) As of 2014, I'm mostly working for myself in Washington and will still travel if needed. So call me!

One Customer, Multiple Desert Oases

By Craig Tutt / May 1, 2016 / 0 Comments

John died about a year and a half after the completion of that project. Marileen sold the house and moved to Yuma, Arizona, where her daughters live,

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