Antonio Trigiani is president and owner of Diversified Power International (DPI) LLC in Piney Flats, Tennessee, which was formed in 1997. Tony’s commitment to environmental issues pushed him toward research and development of the Hydro BioScience division, which manufactures ultrasonic algae remediation and control products. Tony and his employees work diligently researching, designing and developing these chemical free, eco-friendly, ultrasonic products. The first Hydro BioScience Quattro-DB Solar Raft was released in 2016. It is Tony’s quest to provide the world with a cleaner environment that leaves no environmentally hazardous footprint. 800/334-5091;

Chemical-free Algae Treatment Using Ultrasonic Technology

By Antonio Trigiani / August 31, 2021 / 1 Comment

As the world pushes forward looking for eco-friendly alternatives that preserve the environment, technology already exists that provides a safe, effective and efficient means of algae control and remediation. This article will explain how ultrasonic technology works, some of the research behind the technology and the benefits. What is Ultrasonic? Ultrasonic units are electrical units […]

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