July /August 2022

Toxic Algae Bloom

Protect Yourself from Cyanobacteria

Do you know what you’re looking at? This is not green algae or duckweed — it’s a bloom forming cyanobacteria, or sometimes called a harmful algae bloom. Pond contractors working in aquatic environments should be aware of the dangers associated with cyanobacteria for their own health and for their customers’ safety. What Are Cyanobacteria? Cyanobacteria …

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Victorial Pool Feature

Gravel Sediment Traps for Large-scale Pond Filtration

Big ponds and lakes have the same water quality and clarity issues as smaller features, but most of our small-scale solutions don’t scale up well. We’ve had to develop a different strategy that combines biology and physics to deliver clear water in features over 50,000 gallons. The Culprits When it comes to a lack of …

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