January / February 2012

Ponditat for Humanity 2011

Ponditat for Humanity is the annual event where members of the International Pond Professional Companies Association (IPPCA) give back to the community. This fall, the IPPCA built a pondless water feature at the Loma Linda University Medical Center Campus, PossAbilities. Thank you to everyone who helped in this build, from your labor to the generous donations from the sponsors. Take a look at this impressive project.

Finding the “Cheese” in a Changing Market One Man’s Opinion

With the economic outlook uncertain and the entry of a new generation of homeowners to your market, how do you plan on adjusting your business strategy to be successful? If you continue the way you always have you may not be able to meet your goals; take advantage of the information shared to you by a long time marketing expert. The pond industry is evolving into the water feature industry – it not just about ponds any more. Take a look at some strategies to stay strong and grow.

All That Glitters – Understanding Kin-Gin-Rin in Koi

What is gin rin? What should you look for in a gin rin koi? Is gin rin the same as a metallic in koi? There are four basic types of gin rin – learn how to identify each, so you can best promote the koi in your inventory. By introducing your customers to the magic of gin rin, you can stimulate many new sales, as virtually all koi varieties come in beautiful gin rin versions.

Skin: The Most Overlooked Aspect of Koi

The better the skin quality of a koi the more vivid and vibrant the colors will be. Read this article to learn this simple but important aspect that can help your customers select higher quality koi. Skin quality can bring a 3-D look to your Sanke (and other varieties). This koi expert will help you understand this key point to consider when pricing and selling koi to your customers.

Creating a Welcome Environment

Pond industry retailers – what should you be doing now to prepare for the upcoming season? Review the benefits and care for both aquatic plants (marginals, submerged plants, floating plants and bog plants) and pond fish (koi and goldfish). Learn how to educate and prepare your customers to have a successful pond. Learn about header ponds and how they can be used.

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