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September/October 2019 Issue

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By Lora Lee Gelles

Published on August 31, 2019

artisans of the year logoReports are coming in from pond builders all over the country — it sounds like business and life in the pond world has been really good this season! People have told me that with the economy on the upswing, they are able to pick and choose which jobs they want to take on, and which ones they want to take a pass on. How about that?

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I surely hope that you fall into this category. This news bodes quite well for our upcoming fourth annual Water Artisans of the Year contest, which, as many of you know by now, will showcase the most brilliant builds of the year on an independent platform. Keep an eye out for details on how to enter, and I think I speak for my colleagues here at POND Trade when I say we are on the edge of our seats in anticipation of seeing your entries. I expect that we will get to see just how “good” life has been for you and your business in 2019!

In this issue, we tackle a few of today’s hot topics. And speaking of hot, this summer’s extreme heat has brought the subject of algae back into the headlines. You’ve probably heard all about the harmful effects of algae on aquatic life, our water-loving pets and the ecosystem in general. But according to Jamie Beyer,  all algae are not the culprit [link]. Find out why algae can be an integral part of a balanced ecosystem.

Another word that pops up quite a bit in this issue is “biofriendly.” No question, when you’re thinking about adding a “Pond Cleanup Crew” [link] or trying a new edge treatment for the perimeter of a pond [link], it’s essential to make environmental considerations to preserve the environment for all the ecosystem’s swimming (and non-swimming) inhabitants.

Finally, we have a couple of articles that focus on artistry and the creative eye. Tim Wood and Tim Anderson provide some excellent tips on accentuating nature’s focal points to enhance [link] the viewing angles of a water feature. I also found Kelly Billing’s Waterlily Timeline a most inspiring work of art that certainly must enhance the work life for the thousands of employees at the FDA’s White Oak campus.

Happy PONDering!

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