Pond Rebuild Has all the Bells and Whistles

By Jack Anstoetter

Published on August 3, 2023

Pond rebuild features bigger boulders, extended stream

Pond Rebuilt by Just Add Water
We incorporated quite a few twists and turns into the new stream.

One thing we love at Just Add Water is when existing clients reach out because they are looking to make their water features bigger and better. This means they are completely hooked on the concept.

Expanded stream with larger boulders
The newly expanded stream flows by the larger boulders and the existing viewing stone.

In this case, that is exactly what happened. We had built this client’s pond more than 10 years ago to go along with his beautifully landscaped yard. This homeowner is a master gardener and a garden railroad hobbyist with a large model train town in his backyard. His yard is frequently featured on garden tours. He knew he wanted something special to stay ahead of the competition. At first he started building the pond himself, but he quickly realized he needed assistance. He called us in, and we gave him a pond to be proud of.

Flash forward to spring 2023, and the client had been keeping up with the water features we’ve been building. He saw how our style has adapted over time and liked the idea of adding some larger rocks and a longer stream to go with it. He snatched up his phone and gave us a call. Not long after, we were back in his beautiful yard.

Bring in the boulders

We started off by reworking the pond edges to incorporate a handful of larger boulders. These were strategically placed to avoid blocking any viewing angles and enhance the overall feature with their strong presence and size.

Next up was tearing out the old stream. It wasn’t much of a stream — really just a singular waterfall that spilled down into the pond. We removed the Biofalls (which would be reused later) and started excavation farther up the hill. We brought in more liner that would extend the new stream to be 8 feet long. Starting at the bottom, we reworked the first fall down into the pond, which backtracks into a small stream bed before hitting the second set of falls and finalizing at the top, where we reused the existing Biofalls in a new location.

Three key viewing angles

driftwood in stream
The homeowner requested that we incorporate this ponderosa pine driftwood.

The plan was to aim our waterfalls at three key locations: the four-season porch, the street and sidewalk, and the front yard and driveway. The pond and stream are located very close to the sidewalk. This allows passers-by to enjoy the feature and see it for all it is worth. This was important to the homeowner.

Once this feature was finalized, the homeowner was thrilled with the results. Hitting all the desired viewing angles and adding the longer stream blew him away. He is extremely excited to show it off to all his friends, as well as all those who attend his future garden tours.

To watch how this stream rebuild came together, take a look at our YouTube video showing the start to finish of this project.

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Designer: Just Add Water

Installer: Just Add Water

Contact Info: info@iowawaterscapes.com

Build Location: Ankeny, Iowa

Size: Rebuild was an 8-ft stream expansion

Components: New: 15 x 18 ft liner, 300 sq ft underlayment, 4 ½ tons of Iowa field boulders;
Reused: Aquascape Signature Series 2500 Biofalls, Aquascape Skimmer Signature Series 8.0

Time to Complete: 3 Days (51 manhours)

Crew: Clay Perry, Will Ries, Brady Parker

Buyer’s Cost: $7,000 (rebuild) Note: we were able to reuse some materials



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