Blue Thumb Unveils Lightweight, Realistic GFRC “Basalt” Columns

Published on December 19, 2023

Blue Thumb is excited to announce its latest series of Handcrafted Rock Fountains inspired by popular Real Stone Rustic Basalt Columns. Created from real basalt columns but unlike their real stone counterparts, which weigh approximately 5 pounds per inch in height, Blue Thumb’s GFRC versions are only a quarter of that weight, making them easier to handle and install.

These GFRC Faux-Boulder “Basalt” Columns can be grouped as an impressive 5-column display, a triple set, or stand-alone boulders, bringing elegance to any garden setting. Our proprietary Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete blend opens up a world of possibilities. We are proud to create our tallest GFRC column yet at 48″ high. Check out our Faux Boulder “Basalt” Fountains at

Blue Thumb


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