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March/April 2016

Harness the Power of Colors

By Lora Lee Gelles

Published on February 29, 2016

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Spring Brings Renewal, Refocus

It’s the spring issue, and POND Trade has plants on the brain. Just check out that beautiful cover! That basket of lilies cried out to grace it. Imagine it in your or your client’s pond. Plants have such a strong presence in a pond. They’re not only visually appealing, but they’re also part of the ecosystem.

Our cover story focuses on the importance of plants and colors. A botanist might tell you that the vibrant, and even electrifying colors you’re about to see popping up around your yard are merely intended to attract pollinators. But as you and I know, these radiant colors aren’t there just for the bees and the beetles. In “Why Color Can Can Be Your Best Sales Tool,” [link here]. Paula Biles explains how the deliberate, creative use of colors can also help lure in the most discerning of customers and help keep things abuzz.

I may be jumping ahead here, but we have another great feature article running in the next issue. Sorry to tease you, but you’ll have to hang tight. Kelly Billing and Zac DeGarmeaux are co-writing an article on shade plants for the pond. As the weather heats up over the coming months, a little cool shade should come in handy this summer.

As the spring season resurrects the beauty in your gardens and your business, your pond may need a rebirth of its own. After all, it’s time for spring cleaning, [link here] John Magyar has some swimmingly good advice for systematically streamlining your annual dirty work. And speaking of systems, chances are you could be using one — or a few — to keep your ducks in a row. Consider Mike Gannon’s advice [link here] and put down your shovel, pick up a pen and paper and stay out of the trenches as you grow your business this year.

If growth does happen to be on your agenda for 2016, make sure you’re well-versed in the ever-changing world of social media. Even if the thought of using a smartphone app sends you reeling, this issue has two articles on the latest trends in these handheld, do-it-yourself marketing platforms. Check out Brad Cazee’s simple Instagram how-to guide [link here], and before you know it, your entire portfolio will be showcased on the world’s stage. You might also be surprised that Snapchat isn’t just for taking selfies anymore. Eric Triplett shares his experience [link here] with using ephemeral photos and videos for networking, staying in touch and the occasional sea-horsing around.

And if you’re still yearning for some motivation to kick off your spring, Freddie Combas will leave you some words of “INspiration” (as only he can — link here). He certainly left me smiling and thinking a few moves ahead.

Happy PONDering!

Japanese Koi Kodama

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