Leading the Charge: Airmax Launches Solar-Powered Pond and Lake Equipment 

Published on September 22, 2023

Airmax, the leading manufacturer of pond and lake solutions for over 25 years, is pleased to announce its SolarSeries lineup. The Airmax SolarSeries is the premier alternative energy solution, delivering two high-performance aeration systems and an aerating floating fountain. 

The Airmax SolarSeries lineup, like all Airmax systems, is engineered to be the best in class, making them long lasting, easy to install, and simple to maintain. Unlike other solar systems, the Airmax SolarSeries comes standard with American-made, high-output solar panels for maximum performance.  

SolarSeries Aeration 

Aeration increases water circulation and oxygen saturation. In addition, aeration improves water clarity, supports fish health and reduces muck and algae. Airmax SolarSeries aeration includes: 

• zero operating costs with 100% renewable energy  

• easy installation, low maintenance and quiet operation 

• two high-quality, high-output American made solar panels 

• maximum circulation and oxygen saturation with best-in-class diffusers

• direct drive or battery backup model options 

SolarSeries Fountain 

Decorative fountains add show-stopping visuals to any pond or lake. In addition, fountains add the tranquil sound of falling water and provide aeration for ponds up to 6 feet deep. The Airmax SolarSeries fountain includes:  

• zero operating costs with 100% renewable energy  

• four high-quality, high-output American made solar panels 

• up to 12 hours of daytime operation, producing beautiful, crisp fountain displays 

• three spray patterns that vary in size depending on sunlight exposure, adding interest and variety  

• easy installation, low maintenance and durable construction 

For more information on the SolarSeries and the complete Airmax product line, visit www.airmaxeco.com

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