EasyPro Launches Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Published on February 6, 2024

EasyPro Pond Products is announcing that it is now the industry’s first 100% employee-owned company! Through the creation of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), Dave and Chris Ouwinga have sold the company to their EasyPro employees. Dave will continue to be closely involved in the operations of EasyPro as the chairman of the Board of Directors. This transfer of ownership will allow EasyPro’s outstanding employees to benefit from their work in a unique way while allowing Dave more time with his family. This also ensures that EasyPro Pond Products will continue on with the same values and focus that it was founded on decades ago.

“I have been blessed far beyond my wildest dreams from this business, this industry and the many, many friendships I have made since starting EasyPro,” Dave said. “Turning it over to my employees to continue on was the obvious choice since they are the ones who helped me build the company and know it inside and out already.”

“This allows me to stay in the business, albeit behind the scenes more, to ensure a long and smooth transition,” he continued. “Our focus will continue to be Innovation, Quality and Experience as we move forward! To the thousands of customers that have helped build the EasyPro brand, thank you! We could not have done it without you.”

Paul Cole, President and CEO

A new face is now at the helm. Paul Cole has begun his new position as president and CEO of EasyPro Pond Products. Cole comes to EasyPro with extensive knowledge and experience in the pond industry, manufacturing and leadership.

“When I was searching for the best person to fill this position, there was only one person that I would trust with the future of EasyPro and its employees,” Dave said. “Paul is not only a great friend but also a great human being. EasyPro, its staff and customers are in great hands with Paul.”

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EasyPro Launches Employee Stock Ownership Plan

EasyPro Pond Products is announcing that it is now the industry’s first 100% employee-owned ...

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