Basic Business Entities Explained

Quickly learn about the different business entities that are available to the businesses in the pond industry. You have heard them before – Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, and Corporation. There are tax benefits/detriments to each of them. What will fit your business best? A 25-year veteran will wade through each of the choices and help you confirm your current status, or consider a change.

Better Business Credit

Ever wonder how you can improve and increase the credit for your business? Here is an in-depth article including nine steps on how to Establish Business Credit. Learn what trade credit is and four ways to get more of it. Build your business credit now so you don’t have to rely on just your personal credit when you need that financing.

Can You Afford Discounts

Should you provide discounts? What are the Pro’s and Con’s of discounting? You may even be able to profit by offering discounts. When a discount is offered to you by a manufacturer do you take advantage of it, and why you should or should not. Do you know what “2/10 net 30” means? Accounting may not be your forte, so learn from a 25 year accounting professional to help you make informed decisions.

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