Shawn McHenry has been working with koi professionally for more than 15 years. This includes taking "countless trips to Japan to meet and procure some of the top koi that Japanese koi breeders have" to offer. Shawn is the current secretary of the Shinkokai U.S. chapter and has been involved in the koi judging scene for quite some time now. Shawn has judged many nogyosai (regional) koi shows in Japan, and recently had the honor of judging the All Japan Koi Show for his third time. Shawn's judging experience is not limited to just Japan, as he has judged alongside top Japanese koi breeders at the Philippine Koi Show four times and the Kois and Ponds Cup in the Philippines three times. He has had the pleasure of judging koi on the national level, which he loves because it gives him an opportunity to teach, enrich and help local people love and appreciate koi keeping.

“Cull” Koi are a Treasured Gift

By Shawn McHenry / September 1, 2015 / 0 Comments

On a warm summer day, watching the water boil with a thousand baby koi mouths climbing, fighting and tumbling on top of each other to get little pellets of food, it is hard not to think about where these creatures are from and how they got there. I often refer to these koi as the […]

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