Shaun Lindley got into the stone supply business in 1995, picking up rocks off his family ranch in McAlester, Oklahoma. In 1997, he opened a retail yard in North Texas and sold it a few years later to focus on moss boulders. Since then, Lindley Stone has gone on to emerge as one of the America’s top suppliers of moss boulders. Shaun is married to his best friend, with whom he shares a passion for rock. They are working together to expand their company.
stone waterfall

The Harvest & Supply of Decorative Stone

By Shaun Lindley / August 26, 2022 / 0 Comments

No stone is exactly the same, and each customer envisions its use differently. That’s what makes my job as a stone harvester and supplier so interesting — knowing where a rock or boulder came from and how it was used to create something beautiful and natural looking for others to enjoy! Hopefully sharing my perspective […]

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