Richard Heimberger built his first pond in 1997 and started keeping koi in 1999. After working for several nurseries and private pond builders, he started his own business. He attended the Koi Health Management Course at the University of Georgia as well as a number of seminars by distinguished experts, including the Koi Appreciation Seminar taught by Mamoru and Taro Kodama. Richard is a member of the Midwest Pond and Koi Society and has worked hard to give back to the hobby he enjoys so much. http:/

Magnetized Water

By Richard Heimberger / November 17, 2015 / 1 Comment

The calcium and magnesium content of well water in Illinois is considered to be in the hard range of the grading scale. This calcium adheres to most any surface it comes into contact with — including the skin of your fish. My calcium problem started when a rotary drum filter, or RDF, with a 70-micron […]

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