Dylan Arlotta of Aquascapes East has been installing water features for 25 years in the Hudson Valley of New York. He loves to embrace the randomness of nature and does his best to incorporate the subtle nuances he has observed while out hiking the Catskills and surrounding areas. Realizing every achievement opens the door to a new challenge and reflecting on what each separate water feature teaches him is what keeps him coming back for more.
Tom Diek pond near New York

Pond Project Management in the Pandemic Age

By Dylan Arlotta / December 27, 2022 / 0 Comments

It was early 2020, and the pandemic was raging. Not only was there an uncontrolled, contagious disease, but a wave of uncertainty was also looming. What did this mean for our future? There were lockdowns, isolations and workforces made non-essential by daily decree. Debates over stimulus money were dominating the news, as many folks were […]

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