March / April 2010

Water Tech: Care and Feeding of Nitrifying Bacteria

First in a series of articles on the technology of water management is an in-depth discussion of the role of Nitrifying Bacteria in a pond–oxidizing toxic ammonia and nitrite. All bacteria species have limited tolerance ranges and are individually sensitive to water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen levels, salt, micronutrients, light, and inhibitory chemicals. We will touch briefly on each of these to give you a solid understanding of the variables that lead to healthy water for fish.

Advertising Do’s and Don’ts

Marketing expert Pam Greiner shares with you several important Do’s and Don’ts of Advertising–like not using the font papyrus or going overboard with content. When you are ready to start designing your ad, follow these eight critical points. And the old rule “KISS” (Keep it Simple Stupid) may be the best rule of all.

Pagel’s Pots

Walter Pagel’s is well known in the water gardening industry. Tom was fortunate last year to visit him at his home. Walter has dozens of pots in his backyard that have their own microcosm. Take a look at the tiny aquatic plants in these pots.

Language of Koi – Origin of Butterfly Koi

Ever wonder where the name “Butterfly” koi came from? Randy tells us about the history and development of Butterfly koi at Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery. Learn how they have developed their brand of long fin koi called Butterfly koi. Have you noticed Butterfly koi are beautiful to view not only from the top, but also from the side? Take a look.

Free Retail Water Quality Testing

Retailers and pond maintenance professionals can provide water quality testing to their customers and both benefit. A water testing service increases customer loyalty and promotes return visits. Here is how one company in the UK performs this service. Included here are suggestions on what services you can provide, tips about how to get the water to your store safely, and what to test for. Also included is information about the nitrogen cycle to share with your customers.

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