Young Entrepreneur Finds Networking Opportunities at WGE 2017

Published on April 27, 2017

Larson Varenhorst
Larson Varenhorst, owner of Mustang, Oklahoma-based Larson’s Lawn and Landscape.

There were a few newbies on hand at this year’s WGE, including Larson Varenhorst, owner of Mustang, Oklahoma-based Larson’s Lawn and Landscape. Like many of his fellow attendees, he took advantage of the networking opportunities afforded by the WGE, seeking out ways to expand his business — that is, for as soon as he gets his driver’s license.

Varenhorst, who turns 16 this November, was likely the youngest business owner in attendance, but his passion for the industry was second to none. He had to catch a ride to and from the WGE every day, just as he does for all of his landscaping jobs. Despite his current mobility challenges, he still cleared upward of $15,000 in gross sales last year — all by himself.

He started his business in 2014 with just $80 in the bank, offering a range of services like mowing, trimming, power-washing, gutter-cleaning and general landscaping, just to name a few. It has since grown steadily, with more than a dozen regular clients today. He’s looking to double that number within the next year after he procures a vehicle and staffs a crew, allowing him to eventually expand his services outside Oklahoma to include Texas and Kansas.

He assisted with the pond build at the WGE and very much enjoyed himself.

 “I loved it,” he said. “My favorite things were working with people who have been building ponds their whole lives, and learning how to work with other people.”

A new generation of outdoor artisans is emerging, and Varenhorst has positioned himself on the leading edge. For more information about Larson’s Lawn and Landscape, visit, or call 405/301-4781.

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