Woman Pond Contractor Brings Home the Gold

Published on October 30, 2009

‘09 IPPCA Five Star Contractor Award Goes to Woman Contractor Member of Pond and Waterscape Industry’s Trade Association

**Brenda Sorrells**, owner of **Exotic Aquatics Inc.** in Savannah, Georgia, walked off with the top honor at the IPPCA’s 5th annual Awards Banquet held at INFO TANZA ‘09. The **Five Star Contractor Award** has become the most **prestigious** Award that a Pond Contractor can achieve in the Pond and Waterscape Industry. The Award was sponsored this year by IPPCA Corporate Members **Atlantic Water Gardens** and **Ewing Irrigation Products, Inc.**

The elegant **gold and acrylic trophy** and the bragging rights that go with it is truly impressive in its own right, [but] the **$1000 check** that goes with the trophy takes the award’s value beyond the intrinsic to a true monetary reward of not inconsiderable value. The IPPCA’s **5 Star Contractor Award** is given each year to the IPPCA member with the highest overall score from the Association’s Online **Customer Satisfaction Rating** form submitted by the winning contractor’s customers.

**Customer Satisfaction Rating** forms aren’t necessarily a new thing in business management. Independent consulting firms charge thousands of dollars setting up evaluation programs for companies. This very **valuable company performance analysis** tool has been offered as a member’s benefit from the inception of the Trade Association’s existence at no additional cost to the members. The IPPCA established this system in 2004 as an additional tool for members to utilize as well as a methodology for the Association to keep in touch with its members’ caliber of business practices. The award was created as an additional incentive to get members to utilize the program.

Prior winners of the award include Peter Stopen of New Jersey and Toby Ladd of Indiana. Ms. Sorrells joins the ranks of a growing but very select group of top tier contractors in the Pond and Waterscape Industry. Congratulations to Ms. Sorrells.

IPPCA Headquarters
Woodstock, GA

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