The Water Cleanser is now Available in the United States

Published on October 3, 2016

Eco-Librium (, a San Antonio-based company, is pleased to announce the award of an Exclusive Marketing Agreement with Marine Easy Clean Pty Ltd (, to sell and distribute their flagship product, The Water Cleanser in the United States.
The Water Cleanser is disruptive technology invented and manufactured in Australia that restores long-term water health by harnessing nature’s cleaning power instead of using popular chemicals which provide a short-term solution but can often cause harm to fish, plant and other marine life. This product is a wax block which serves as a protective home for organic oil-eating microbes and provides the essential breeding trace elements for them to multiply to their optimtwc-all-product-sizesal levels so that they can then consume the organic waste in the water at an accelerated rate.

The Water Cleanser contains millions of microscopic capillaries from which these naturally-occurring beneficial microbes can colonize, essentially creating a microbial mat.  The Water Cleanser does not contain any microbes or bacteria, but rather provides everything that naturally occurring beneficial microbes require to re-establish a healthy population in the water system and perpetually perform the natural waste breakdown process that they were designed to do. By removing the waste that harmful bacteria and algal blooms utilize as a food source, the beneficial microbes treat and prevent those events.  This process also lowers the oxygen demand of the nitrification process and enables oxygen to be absorbed into the water and eventually taken up into the soil, effectively reversing the effects of the dead zone.

The applications for The Water Cleanser are various and can be used anywhere organic waste in water is found. Besides large-scale implementation in natural water systems, this product is also used in Fish / Koi ponds, aquariums, swimming pools, and effluent systems. Benefits include improved water quality and clarity, control of algae, elimination of odor, fewer water changes, healthier fish with reduced infections and lower chemical usage in pools.

For more information please visit or contact Lynn Weesner at or 210/849.5470.

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