Top Ten Pond Articles Through June 2016!

Published on July 20, 2016


Below is our top ten pond articles for the first six months of 2016. Low interest rates and stable home prices are allowing homeowners to add water features and, most of all, enjoy outdoor living!

Click on the headline below to visit these stories (Some of these articles were posted in late 2015, but are from the Jan/Feb 2016 issue). Cheers!

  1. Evolution of a Pond Client | Dean Pipito, Aquatica
    Interesting article on how a client’s trust grows and results in a masterpiece. Great photo gallery of the project via the article, too!
  2. Five Tips for Identifying Sanke and Showa Koi | Ellen Kloubec, Kloubec Koi Farm Just continuing our Koi education! (Stay up-to-date on Koi and other fellars via on our Pond Life page)
  3. Contractor’s Corner | Pondless Water Feature: Making Waves with Waterfall Foam MJ Wilson, Any Pond, Ltd. A project profile of a pondless water installation with 3,170 gallons of water that flows up and out of a main spillway.
  4. Sights and Sounds of Spectacular Waterfalls | David Duensing, Aquatic Construction Services  Another feature article with accompanying photo gallery via the story, a great peek at many different styles!
  5. Swimming Ponds vs Natural Swimming Ponds | James Robyn, BioNova Natural Pools One of the main feature articles back in January; when the thought of swimming in warm weather was needed!
  6. Peer Into the Future for Show-Winning Koi | Shane Stefek, Water Garden Gems | Tips on picking koi.
  7. A Koi Wonderland in a Place You Might Not Expect | Shawn Rosen, Yoshikigoi USA So where is the fourth largest koi farm in the world and biggest in Europe?
  8. How to Choose the Right Pond Liner | Paul Amos, Amos Sales Associates, Ltd. Factors to consider when installing pond liners.
  9. How to Rescue a Functionless Formal Pond | Kent Wallace, Living Water Solutions Great deep dive into how formal ponds need help!
  10. Video | Water Garden Expo 2016 Our fearless leader works the video camera at Water Garden Expo 2016’s pond build.

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