The Most Popular Pond, Water Garden and Koi Articles from 2016

Published on January 3, 2017

Faux rocks provide the perfect cover for a filtration system.
Faux rocks provide the perfect cover for a filtration system.

With the state of the pond and water garden industry being so strong, everybody is looking forward to a great 2017. However, before we move on, we wanted to provide a quick look at some of our most popular pond articles — by page views — in 2016. The topics run the gamut: pond construction insights; pond design in Oregon, koi discussion and proposed koi regulations from the Wildlife Department late in the year.

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1. How to Gracefully Conceal Your Filtration Equipment | Kent Wallace, Living Water Solutions As usual, Kent provides a wealth of creative options for hiding your filtration equipment.

2. Five Tips for Identifying Sanke and Showa Koi | Ellen Kloubec, Kloubec Koi Farm It’s not a top ten list unless you have a koi article, especially one discussing three-colored koi. 

3. Mastering String Algae in Five Steps | Roger Tower, Nualgi Ponds String algae is a nuisance and Roger provides the lowdown on how to attack this harmful problem.

4. Illuminate your Shade Loving Plants | Kelly Billing, Maryland Aquatic Nurseries & Zac DeGarmeaux, Pond Megastore Great article by these two pond pros and of course we have photos via the gallery spotlight (via the article).

5. Water Artisans of the Year Contest | Lora Lee Gelles Our new pond contest was a big hit in 2016. Looking forward to the future with this project! (Related Judges article here.)

6. The Picasso of Rock and Water Spawns an Oregon Sanctuary | Tonja Andreatta, Andreatta Waterscapes Inc. Beautiful design and construction from the great Northwest!

7. Contractor’s Corner – Natural Swimming Pool, Hardscape, Koi Pond and Streams Dazzle | Kris Burns, Native Landscapes Read a great contractor’s corner article from the Texas Hill Country near Austin, Tex.  

8. Evolution of a Pond Client | Dean Pipito, Aquatica Dean’s provides an interesting perspective on a big project in Wisconsin.

9. Swimming Ponds vs Natural Swimming Ponds | James Robyn, BioNova Natural Pools It’s January, time to get the swim trunks on!

10. Injurious Wildlife Label Could Ban Koi Sales Across State Lines | POND A developing story that started in late Fall. 

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