Top Ten POND Articles from 2015

Published on January 4, 2016

Below is a list of the top ten most viewed Pond articles on web site for 2015. Good stuff all around and later this week will be a look at the top gallery spotlights.

Click on the headline below to revisit the article or click on the author’s name to see all articles written by this pond professional. Happy 2016 everybody!

  1. >> How to Choose the Right Skimmer for Your Pond, by Kent Wallace: Insights from veteran pond and water garden professional on options on how to keep your water garden clean.

    The headwaters of this stream function as the filter for this pond.
    The number 2 article discussed natural options for filtration: The headwaters of this stream function as the filter for this pond.
  2. >> Bog Gravel Filtration: Water Cleaned by Mother Nature, by Anita Nelson: Speaking of filtration, this article discusses how you can turn waste into a resource for your pond and keep it clean via bog filtration.
  3. >> Water Gardening in Containers, by Jamie Beyer: An interesting alternative to a fully-realized pond are water containers and this articles discusses ideas on where to start.
  4. >> Unique Pond Completes New Patio Project, by Brian Fitzsimmons: This is our first Contractor’s Corner entry in the top ten and it’s a winner. This well-executed pond design integrates an outside kitchen with this pond feature. Fun read!
  5. >> Pond and Patio Installation, by Edwin Fortuna and Ayala Scott: Everybody loves a combination and this Contractor’s Corners installment for June features beautiful, irregular stone pieces for steps. The second winner in the Contractor’s Corner series for 2015.
  6. >> Five Easy Ways to Identify Your Koi, by Ellen Kloubec: Get the lowdown on how to identify the differences between a Shiro Bekko or Shiro Utsuri.
  7. >> Sapphire Koi: A New Gem, by Joe Pawlak. Blackwater Creek unveils its sapphire koi variety and provide details on how they went about it.
  8. >> Time to Decide Which Way to Go!: A review of the 2015 Water Garden Expo and some of the amazing topics to come out of this great event.
  9. >> Periscope Provides Live Recording at Pond Sites, by Eric Triplett: Social media is a huge tool to find new customers and Periscope — a new tool– allows installers to record video at pond installations and events.
  10. >> Birth of the Pond Monster (Slocum Gardens), by Lloyd Lightsey. Lightsey looks back on his career and the signposts — the Slocum family — that led him on his water garden career.

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