To all Pond and Water Feature Manufacturers

Published on September 26, 2012

Across our country and around the world Pond and Water Feature professionals face many challenges in running their businesses. They are also blessed with many exciting new opportunities. The issue, is to minimize the challenges and maximize the opportunities for everyone. The International Professional Pond Companies Association (IPPCA) is your Trade Industry Organization and one that tasks itself with providing assistance and benefits to all who make their living in water features.

Over the last year the IPPCA has taken huge steps in the service of our industry. We have allowed the NAPP (National Association of Pond Professionals) to merge into our membership. We have forged a partnership with the IA (Irrigation Association) and expanded our annual INFOTANZA educational seminars to include some of the most relevant and professional information available anywhere.

The IPPCA has also doubled its board of adviser positions to include representation from all areas of the water feature industry. Together the IPPCA officers and advisers are helping to chart a course forward for the continued prosperity of the entire industry. From education to marketing, governmental monitoring to standardization of terms and installations the IPPCA is moving in many directions to meet the needs of our ever changing industry.

With just shy of 500 registered IPPCA members we are extremely proud of the strides made in the last year. As current president of the IPPCA I look to what we have accomplished and give thanks to the many people that have made this happen. However, I would be remiss in my duties if for one moment I thought that these accomplishments were anything more than the first step towards a unified industry and towards a future were all companies could look to a future of continued growth and limitless potential.

With acknowledgement of our recent accomplishments and the knowledge of how much more work there is to be done I am writing today to ask your help.


For the IPPCA to continue to grow and benefit our community we need the support of the entire water feature industry. In order for the IPPCA to keep working on your behalf here is what we would like to see from each manufacturer in our industry.

1.-Join us November 3rd to 5th at INFOTANZA in Orlando, Florida. Join us for our INFOTANZA two-day educational seminar series. Join the IPPCA Pond and Waterscapes Pavilion by signing up for one of the remaining prime location booths by the incredible water feature being built by Aquascapes. Corporate sponsorships with the IPPCA start at only $500 and entitle you to a 10×10 booth at $3,110 off the normal IA show price. IPPCA membership drops your cost on a 10×10 booth from $5,085 to only $1,975. Additional details are enclosed at the bottom of this letter.

2.-Encourage your customers to join the IPPCA today. Bulk membership packages are available for manufacturers who are interested in providing their valuable customers with membership in their trade industry organization and a say in the direction and the future of our industry. Please email for more information.

3.-Encourage your customers to attend the fantastic learning opportunities at this years’ INFOTANZA. Entry fee is waived for supporting membership levels and above. Visit for more information.

4.-Join as a corporate sponsor. Sponsorships start at $500 for manufacturers. Sponsors receive added benefits including free advertising and marketing. Your sponsorship money goes directly to the continued programs of the IPPCA and to improving our industry in every possible way. Call 770-592-9790 to join today.

5.-If you are already a corporate sponsor of the IPPCA, then consider raising your sponsorship to the next level. The organization needs your funds to continue and expand its programs designed to help your customers.

6.-Donate your time to the IPPCA. Even a little bit will help. Countless projects for the betterment of the industry are on hold waiting the funds and volunteers to launch them.

7.-Tell us how we can help your business or your customers. Our goal is helping the entire industry and all the companies that comprise it. Your input can help us determine the best course of action for the resources we have.

I so believe in the IPPCA and its importance in the future of our industry that I will continue to support it in any way I can. The other officers and board of directors of the IPPCA feel the same way. Our personal financial donations and the never ending hours we toil on your behalf are a testament to our commitment to each of you and our entire industry. However, we cannot do this alone. The IPPCA needs your support and the future path of prosperity for our entire industry rests with your willingness to participate. Let’s finish 2012 with a bang and together chart a course that will make 2013 the best season ever for all of us.

Thank you and God Bless,

John Olson

Call 770-592-9790 to join IPPCA today.

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