The Truth about Azadirachtin in BioSafe Insect Control

Published on December 5, 2014

141206biosafeinsectOver the past few decades, research on neem seed extracts has resulted in identifying Azadirachtin as a limonoid with powerful natural insecticide properties, acting as a growth regulator, anti-feedant and reproduction regulator. Methods are available to extract this compound in pure powder form (Azadirachtin Technical) ranging from 1.0% to 6.0% in purity for commercial pesticide formulations. BioSafe Insect Control uses 3% Azadirachtin as the active ingredient.

Azadirachtin based pesticide products are widely used in both agriculture and horticulture. While all of these products and formulations may appear to be similar, with Azadirachtin as an active ingredient, efficacy of these formulations can be significantly different as there are factors other than Azadirachtin that contribute to the performance of the product (i.e. extraction, storage and formulation methods). Azadirachtin is most potent when it is extracted from the seeds of a fresh harvest, but the purity of the powder extract (technical) in terms of percentage of Azadirachtin, can also make a difference. High purity materials, such as 40%, are more refined and do not preserve other important limonoids which are as important as Azadirachtin.

BioSafe Systems uses the technical material that is extracted from the newly harvested fresh seeds to make the formulation for BioSafe Insect Control. This is done by air freighting small quantities of extracted Azadirachtin powder to match up with the ongoing harvest throughout various regions of India. It is then blended with proprietary high quality inerts here in the United States. The Azadirachtin content in our technical material does not exceed 20.0% by weight in order to maintain high levels of other beneficial limonoids. The inclusion of these other limonoids in BioSafe Insect Control enhances the efficacy of the Azadirachtin as a growth regulator, reproduction regulator and anti-feedant.

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