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Published on April 14, 2010

**Easy Green Lawn Paint** was designed and developed for a fast and economical way to restore the natural green color to dormant or distressed turf. While for home and commercial lawn use, it is also highly recommended for golf courses, football and soccer fields, and similar sports areas as well. **Easy Green Lawn Paint** is environmentally friendly, contains no hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, or other inert ingredients harmful to turf.

Using lawn paint has many advantages. **Easy Green Lawn Paint** is a great way to quickly improve the curb appeal of a property by giving the property a lush green lawn as opposed to an ugly dormant brown surface. The dye is harmless to the lawn, pets, and people and dries in less than an hour. **Easy Green Lawn Paint** also lasts up to 3 months or until mowed off, and best of all, it does not wash off and requires no watering.

Improving a dry or brown lawn by reseeding or using sod is not only a major job, but expensive as well (materials and watering costs). The quickest and simplest way to liven up a lawn and to improve a lawn’s appearance is to paint it with **Easy Green Lawn Paint**. The color lasts up to three months.

While using **Easy Green Lawn Paint** is ideal for anyone’s lawn, it can be especially helpful in areas of the country that are particularly dry, low in rainfall, excessively hot, or have issues regarding water shortages. In some cases, the Easy Green lawn could be the only green one on the block!


It’s no small undertaking to try and work throughout the year to not just get it lush and green, but to keep it that way. Painting gives you the green lawn you desire without the hassle. Painting is easier, less expensive and is actually better for your lawn than over seeding and fertilizing. With **Easy Green Lawn Paint** you can:

• Have a green lawn in hours, not weeks or months
• Save money on overall costs of over seeding or fertilizing
• Environmentally safe, no harmful chemicals in our paint
• Lasts up to 3 months
• Protects the lawn from harsh winter and or summer temperatures
• No mowing during dormant months


Painting will not harm your lawn. There are no harmful chemicals in **Easy Green Lawn Paint**, so it’s safe for kids, pets and the lawn itself. The paint will act as a protective barrier for the lawn, insulating it throughout the cold months. This protects the roots, and has the grass prepared to green up faster than normal in the Spring. (Remember, when you over-seed, you are introducing another grass that your original grass will have to compete with for nutrients and sunlight). FASTER, EASIER, MORE AFFORDABLE…WITH EVEN BETTER RESULTS

With the droughts, water restrictions, and the cost of watering and keeping up a lawn, along with the current state of the economy, painting your lawn is great alternative and the latest trend in the lawn and garden industry!

CONTACT INFO: Dawn Fisher, Co Owner


Easy Green Lawn Paint will be in booth number 10535 at The National Hardware Show in Las Vegas this May.

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