The 28th Annual Greater KC Water Garden Society Tour is On!

Published on May 4, 2021

The 28th annual Greater KC Water Garden Society tour will have a new and improved look for the 2021 summer season. Mark your calendars for the “Puddle Jumping Water Garden Tour” spanning six Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., June to September. Each tour will safely deliver an inoculation of blooming happiness, with plenty of oohs and aahs. Six individual tours will feature stunning water gardens, all in close proximity. The Puddle Jumping Water Garden Tour spotlights different locations around the metropolitan area, including Lawrence, Kansas. A new feature for 2021 is the addition of builder-sponsored garden parties from 6 to 10 p.m. with night-lighting, refreshments and those magnificent, night-blooming tropical water lilies.

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Emerge from hibernation to glimpse the beauty of rippling streams and the music of cascading waterfalls as you stroll through the private gardens. Listen as the fairies whisper their secrets and savor nature’s art in bloom. A water garden can take on different personalities based on its setting, from a small rustic pond with a garden train tucked into a backyard or a formal, classic pond in a historic neighborhood to a palatial estate with multiple ponds and majestic waterfalls. Six Saturdays over the summer will let you experience many different designs and styles, including a swim pond.

Each tour will feature six to 10 water gardens in a relatively small geographic area. These six tours give you plenty of time to visit beautiful water gardens in geographic proximity, reducing drive times and maximizing your pleasure.

The season pass for all six Saturdays is $20 and is available now at Eventbrite ( and in garden centers starting June 1. Individual tours are $5 and are available at Eventbrite or at the tour. Children under 14 attend for free. The six tour dates are June 26, July 10, July 24, Aug. 7, Aug. 21 and Sept. 11. This is the Greater KC Water Garden Society’s only fundraising event. Proceeds continue to support building and maintenance of educational ponds for schools and other nonprofits. Plan now to attend the Puddle Jumping Water Garden Tour! Sixty educational ponds have been built to date. Follow us on Facebook or visit us at to learn more.

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