TetraPond® Introduces How-to Video on Website

Published on May 26, 2009

BLACKSBURG, Va. – May 26, 2009 – TetraPond®, the leader in water gardening, today announced it has added a step-by-step ‘how-to’ video on its website, www.TetraPond.com, to further help new and existing pondkeepers design, build and care for the perfect water garden or pond.

“Our goal in creating the video was to answer a growing need from consumers to visually comprehend the process of building and maintaining their pond or water garden and to inspire those considering adding a pond to their yard,” commented Curt Nuenighoff, brand director for TetraPond. “Photos are helpful in showing a pond owner how to create and care for their pond, but a video takes it to the next level of understanding.”

“Additionally, homeowners are recognizing the many benefits of owning a pond and have an increased desire to build a backyard water garden paradise. Because of this growing trend, we want to help those who are considering adding a pond or water garden, to achieve their landscaping goals,” concluded Nuenighoff.

With one of the top priorities at TetraPond being education; the video is available to all consumers through the TetraPond website, www.TetraPond.com and is divided into chapters for easy navigation. The chapters include: planning your pond, building a hard shell liner pond, building a flexible liner, building a waterfall, getting the right equipment, plants, fish and water care as well as additional information.

In addition to the video, TetraPond also offers pond hobbyists the award-winning e-newsletter, Into the Pond sent directly to their email during the pond season. Into the Pond features articles on pondkeeping, an opportunity to directly “Ask the Expert” a pond question or concern and a pond and Koi contest and photo gallery. To sign up and receive Into the Pond monthly, visit www.TetraPond.com.

About TetraPond
TetraPond is an international leader of water gardening products, as demonstrated by consecutive Industry Recognition Awards for product innovation in pet specialty retailing. TetraPond offers a complete line of products for pond enthusiasts, including pumps, filters, clarifiers, water treatments, and the world’s most popular fish food. TetraPond’s U.S. headquarters is located in Blacksburg, Va. For more information, call your water garden experts at 1-800-526-0650. Or visit www.TetraPond.com to sign up for our award-winning Into the Pond e-newsletter, providing seasonal information for healthy ponds or to view the TetraPond video for a step-by-step guide to building and maintaining a pond.

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