September / October 2012

Change Your Ways – It’s Not Too Late to Change Your Habits

Do you drink too much coffee? Can’t stay away from sweets? Learn to change your habits now. Remember if you are so discouraged you don’t try, you will never change. Learn how to notice your urge to do the habit, and how to let the urge pass. These are easy steps you will learn: Know, Consider, Realize, Commit, Find, Notice, Repeat, Practice- try them and change that habit. You will cherish the freedom when you do.

Better Business Credit

Ever wonder how you can improve and increase the credit for your business? Here is an in-depth article including nine steps on how to Establish Business Credit. Learn what trade credit is and four ways to get more of it. Build your business credit now so you don’t have to rely on just your personal credit when you need that financing.

Pond Bottom Drain Technology

Pond building expert shares his knowledge about the dos and don’ts of bottom drains. Including the reason why you should include bottom drains in your pond projects! Pond drains done right, add many benefits to the water circulation, water quality, and the ease of pond maintenance. So take a look and learn the fundamentals of the bottom drain.

Know ‘em – Sell ‘em Koromo

Koromo is a beautiful combination of two other koi varieties – Asagi and Kohaku. There are three major types of Koromo, which are Ai Goromo, Sumi Goromo and Budo Goromo. The reticulation on the scales is key to this variety. Take a quick look at what you should look for in Goromo and details to share with your customers.

Ponds are Green and Drought Friendly

Water gardens and ponds are genuinely green; learn how to explain these eco-friendly spaces to your prospects and customers. Ponds are closed aquatic systems that require minimal replacement water, in general 50% less than lawns or gardens. Learn about the hidden benefits of our environmentally friendly industry

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