September / October 2010


The 5th Annual Ponditat for Humanity overhaul event was held recently by the International Professional Pond Contractors Association (IPPCA). The “Top Guns” converged Nebraska to add a bog and reduce the electricity used (making it more “green”). They also used their photography skills learned at a prior seminar to document and promote this pond.

How to Keep Koi Alive in Your Customers’ Pond

Mr. Kodama discusses the importance of keeping your customers koi alive by educating your customers and providing regular maintenance service. He covers reasons why the koi can die after only a week or two and what to do to prevent problems. Each pond and pond owner is unique – by visiting or maintaining their pond you will be able to help them when they need it most. This also builds customer loyalty, stimulating future sales.

Rain Water, Benefit or Hazard for Ponds?

This may not be what you think, not all rain water is safe for fish. Water expert Ann Telford talks about the benefits and possible hazards of rain water. Its no surprise that you need to be testing added water and the source of that water; be it from the clouds or from the hose in the backyard. Rain water can have a major impact on a pond, just be sure it is not a harmful one.

Rocking the Boat, are Rocks the Problem?

Are rocks or inadequate filtration the real culprit? Twenty-year veteran water feature contractor Rick Bartel, tries to answer the “rock on the bottom” controversy once and for all. Includes several actual ponds, their dimensions and pond specifics. This provocative article introduces his theory about “rocks” and good pond design.

Ikeage: A Ritual Performed By Japanese Koi Breeders

An Ikeage is a ritual performed several times a year by Japanese koi breeders. It literally means, “mud pond harvest.” Ikeage is a lot of work, but it is also a time of celebration. See how one US koi farm continues this tradition. There is always a great deal of excitement when the nets are pulled and everyone sees how the koi have grown and developed.

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