May / June 2009

Pond and Water Gardening Animals – Pond Focus

Most customers end up keeping to many animals in their ponds. Read what can happen when the “customer” thinks they know more then you do. This is a fun article to read, but the important point is the problems animals can cause when the pond is not built for them. For
example, red-eared sliders do not go well with lilies in a water garden and oh what a mess swans can make! Balance is the key.

Water Garden Pond Plants and Their Personalities

Some plants require behavior modification! All plants, like people, have distinct personalities and they are equally as varied. What some plants need is just a little behavior modification or boundaries – who knew you had to learn the psychology of plants. Read the case study of nine plants and learn about the best and worst of them. Then finish with some preventative medicine.

The Masked Bandits of Ponds

Just say the word raccoon and I can already see you cringing. They are everywhere – urban and rural. They adapt to their environment and they just love water. Learn the signs to tell whether you have raccoons or not and how to prevent the damage they can cause. Like building the pond with steep sides, at least a one-foot drop instead of slopping sides. If you can’t prevent them there are also several tips on how to control them.

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