March / April 2011

Pest Controls and Pest Descriptions

For every plant there is a pest. Plant expert Kelly Billing has complied a list of the most common pest diseases, their controls and the descriptions of the little pest into an easy table you can read and use as a reference in the future. The tables cover 14 common pests, from Aphids to white fly.

Choosing the Perfect Pump

In this issue, our water feature expert we’ll talk about the different types of submersible pumps in common usage, when to use which and how to get the most out of them. Learn the difference between Direct Drive and Magnetic Induction Pumps. Plus – why you would use one pump vs two – the advantages of redundancy and more.

Design Scene Stealers

Ever wonder what plants you should retail or add to your water feature designs? Take a look at ten wonderful show stopping aquatics that will be a hit with your customers. Learn from our horticulturist expert their names, the conditions they need and what to expect from these specimen plants.

Getting Your Marketing Warmed Up for Spring

For the record, marketing is a vital element of success for any business; it is an investment in your future. Find great tips on planning events, email campaigns and newsletters for the next year. Then something just emerging, “Tags” – what are “tags” and why do I need to know about them? You will want to start adding “tags” to everything you do.

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